Breaking out of the shoe box


Shoes: Prada (also love these & these for Summer), Denim: Rag & Bone, Sweater: Joie (similar here), Top: ATM (similar here), Bag: Louis Vuitton, Sunnies: Oliver Peoples (similar here).

Over the weekend, I took on the daunting task of organizing my shoe collection (And no, I did not get trapped under 5000 shoe boxes as my husband likes to joke).  As I organized shoes by style, I noticed one pile towered over the rest: Pumps.  Yes they are a classic silhouette and usually a comfortable choice when in comes to heels.  Although I have quite the array of colors, textures and heel heights, I surveyed the pile and thought “I’m in a shoe style rut”.

Here’s my thought process.  A pump is classic at its base and even if you dare to choose a bright color or print, the foundation is solid. With the higher price tag designer shoes carry, I often justify them by picking pairs I can wear “forever” and that aren’t overly trendy.  Of course I lust over the bejeweled gucci platform heels or the fur adorned Nicholas Krikwood loafers, but my inner fashion voice asks-will I still be into these a year from now?  Of course there is always a factor of I love the shoe so who cares what the masses think.

Enter the creeper.  These platforms come in many different iterations and styles and I have secretly always wanted a pair.  The issue was, they look nothing like my usual style.  I decided to give in a buy the pair that spoke to me.  It came down to the Stella McCartney’s vs. Prada.  Stella’s platform was intense and I have to admit, the height I gained without the pain of a heel was tempting and made me giddy with the additional 5 inches I would gain. Ultimately I chose the Prada version with a modest 3  inch platform.  I love the classic brogue details melded with the sporty creeper sole.

As I added the pale blue box to my shoe stack, I felt like I had finally taken a step outside of my usual (shoe) box 🙂



New Year, New York


As 2016 comes to a close, I couldn’t help but sit back and reflect on what I would consider a pivotal year.  I’ve been in NYC now for almost 4 years and for the first time, I started to consider the big apple as home.  The initial transition was challenging for me, as may of my Manhattanite friends warned. “You’ll cry for the first year and question if this was even the right decision and then one day you wake up and things magically click”.  I have to be honest, it took me the better part of 2 years to find some sort of a groove.  Of course I still have the days that the weather sucks, people are assholes and I feel like the world is ending, but as my time progresses here, the exciting energy of the city began to outweigh the frustrating days.

With a birthday looming, I’ve decided to listen to my older and wiser inner voice.  “Take one day at a time-stop and smell the flowers as you rush through Central Park during your busy day-let the assholes roll off you like water-and if all else fails there’s always retails therapy 🙂

Happy New Year!

Denim: COH (similar here), Runners: Golden Goose (also here), Sweater: Joseph (similar here & crew neck here), Coat: MM6 (similar here & here), Sunnies: Celine (similar here), Bag: Chanel



Sale time!!! // Top Picks //



Sunnies // Hat // Flats // Top // Ring // Boots // Denim // Booties





Sale by rmperry featuring a wide brim hat

Paige Denim jeans
$275 –

Rag & bone short boots
$515 –

Jennifer Fisher pinky ring
$275 –

Rag bone wide brim hat
$205 –


pink bbb

How is it that something as simple as a bright color can also brighten the day?  Hot pink is such a mood lifter and these shorts are some of the happiest I’ve ever come across.  With the Pride Parade on over the weekend, bursting with every color of the rainbow, what better time to add to the color spectrum. A crisp white shirt and garden party inspired heels pull everything together for a clean and polished look.

pink shoes

pink full

Shorts: Monkey’s (similar here & here), Top: Vince, Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana (similar here & here), Bag: Proenza Schouler (also love this one), Bracelet: Sweetie Pie Jewelry, Sunnies: Barton Perreira (similar here).