max half B

Once again, I found myself in the middle of a lovely afternoon of shopping, specifically on the hunt for a new pair of shoes and like a bird to a shiny object, I never made it past the scarf section.  As everyone is well aware of by now, I have a tiny obsession with scarves-in particular Theodora & Callum.  I would need a second apartment to house every scarf I love from them so I try to narrow my selections when possible.  The intricate prints are just one of the reasons the brand is so coveted and from time to time one comes along that stands above the rest for me.  The Bangalore, in 3 different color waves, is currently my favorite accessory.  The bold print and rich colors already had me envisioning all the ways I could wear.

max close


max full B

max down details

Scarf: Theodora & Callum (also love this color & the maxi-ON SALE!), Bracelet & Studs: Gemma Redux, Sunnies: Ray-Ban




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