Osaka Streets

hat B FB SUN

The difference between Osaka and Tokyo is like night and day.  After a quick trip on the Shinkansen (the bullet train), stepping onto the narrow, bustling streets was a change from Tokyo’s seemingly more organized and spacious feel.  At dawn, the back roads were full of people rushing to work, delivery men making the rounds and the various nations represented by tourists.  Once evening set in, a totally different world emerged full of geisha girl- clad VIP clubs, a slew of restaurants that had seemed to come alive once dusk had set in and  a parade of 6 inch heels and eyelashes that went on for days.  The juxtaposition between the two times of day was fantastic.

As with much of our trip, we’ve tempted fate and eaten at places that speak very little English in the hopes of achieving an authentic food experience.  My husband’s limited knowledge of the Japanese language has proved useful enough to get a basic understanding of what’s potentially going to be on the plate.  Yes, we’ve ended up with dishes that spark intrigue and discussion, but without fail, the food is simply amazing. (More on food in fashion in my upcoming Japan 1 & 2 post).

I found an early morning stroll, of course wearing the Japanese twist on the basic baseball cap, was the best way to see a different side of Osaka. The chaotic scene from the night before had transformed into something almost serene. Perfect introduction to the city.

hat full sign hat close hat bag hat walk hat acc all FB   hat street back

hat sun B

Top: Topshop (similar here & here), Denim: AG Adriano Goldschmied (also here), Hat: 109 Tokyo (similar herehere), Shoes: Theory (similar here), Sunnies: Ray-Ban, Clutch: Elizabeth and James (love this).


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