Bright Ideas


(From the top left) 1. Chambray dress: Current Elliott, Denim shorts: J Brand, Scarf: Theodora & Callum (also here), Pink flats: J. Crew, Hat: Genie by Eugenia Kim, Crossbody: Rebecca Minkoff, Lips: MAC in Lady Danger, Clutch: Clare Vivier, Top: J. Crew.


4 thoughts on “Bright Ideas

  1. Hi! I’m looking to invest in another T&C scarf and I noticed that the Amalfi scarf above is on sale. I I noticed in a previous post that you were wearing the Turquoise Bombay scarf, how do the 2 scarves compare? Thanks!

  2. Hi Tanya! So both are amazing (I’m a little bias) 🙂 The Turquoise Bombay is brighter with the yellow bringing a great pop of color. The Amalfi is equally beautiful, but has the black running through it giving is a more neutral feel (really a year round piece). The Bombay for me is a perfect Spring/Summer scarf as it is a bold color palette. Both scarves are the Tie-all style and the same material. Happy to help with further questions 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for your input! I also love the Bahia scarf you are wearing in today’s post. How do you choose which scarf to wear with your outfit? If you are basics dresser as I am (mostly jeans, leggings, tanks), is it better to go with neutral scarves. For example, do you place the Bahia scarf in the same category as the Amalfi? Does the scarf you choose determine what colour jewellery (gold vs silver) that you can wear?

  4. No worries! I have both bright and neutral T&C scarves and both work for me with jeans and a basic top. I will pair a basic tee and jeans with the scarf when I want the scarf to shine. My suggestion is if you can have one of each (a neutral and a bright color), that would be ideal as it really depends on the day and season as to which one I go with. If you could just choose one, the neutrals are good for year round. The Bahia for me would be in the same category as the Amalfi but the yellow in the Amalfi would make it a brighter neutral. With jewellery, I typically wear gold and silver together. Either one work with all the scarves. Hope that helps! 🙂

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