This week I’m back in my hometown of Raleigh, and while a visit is usually a happy occasion, the passing of my Grandfather was unfortunately the reason for my trip.

“Big Deane” as he was usually referred to (we have an unusual amount of Deane’s on our family, so this was his distinction), was one of the most funny, interesting and caring people I ever had the pleasure of knowing.  It’s a comfort to know he’s smiling down on me now.

With his always perfectly timed one-liners that got a laugh out of even the biggest sour puss, the heavens will definitely be smiling when they gain this angel.

As this week is for honoring his memory, I will be resuming posts Monday.


2 thoughts on “Grandaddy

  1. Right now there are tears. Then you will smile through your tears. One day, you will (mostly) just smile at the warm memories of a wonderful grandparent. So sorry for your loss.

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