Object of affection ~ Theodora & Callum

A good scarf (or 10…) is an essential piece to any wardrobe and Theodora & Callum are the masters.  Each season, the patterns somehow become more beautiful and the colors more vibrant.  These lovelies are the jack of all trades in the scarf world.  Not only are they fabulous neck candy, they can be donned as a sarong, dress, head-wrap, etc.

(I love the how to video on T & C’s webpage).

Within the collections are different sizes, textures and detailing.  I love the introduction of the infinity scarf. (I suggest this one). It’s perfect for easy styling if you’re unsure on how to tie a scarf.  The wearable art collections are amazing for print junkies. (I love this one).  For newbies, I suggest adding a Tie all to start your collection.  They are perfect for multi-use. (I love this & this).

When traveling, Theodora & Callum scarves are the perfect accessory.  I love that my scarf can go from a fabulous jet setting blanket to the perfect hit of color as I head to my destination.


Blake Lively wears Theodora & Callum’s Goa scarf.  Minka Kelly in Theodora & Callum’s lattice scarf.

Gena Chandler in Raleigh, NC always stocks the most amazing selection of Theodora & Callum scarves.  The girls are happy to ship anywhere!


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