Wishbone bliss~Melbourne style

~A sea of rainbow umbrellas~

~Love graffiti set against a spiky gate~

~Found a seat on “the lips”~

~Decadent strawberry sponge-the perfect pairing with afternoon tea (This cake is serious MUST if in Melbourne)~

~This little hot dog shop drew a crowd……the “Mexico Chili Dog” might have something to do with it!~

~Recycled fashion find: Converse’s at Hunter Gatherer~

~Delicate angel chandelier at Koko Black~

~Vintage cherry necklace~

~Impossible decisions at Hopetoun Tearoom~

~I had to give in…..these fries were amazing-and how can you not love the name!~

~This church door was mesmerizing~

~My favorite alley way with colorful graffiti~

~Cool wall along the Yarra River~

My trips to Melbourne are always full of new discoveries and anticipated visits to favorite haunts.  It’s such an amazing city with so many dimensions.  It is literally impossible to fit everything into one weekend in this lovely city, but as you can see, I tried.

What are some of your favorite spots in Melbourne?

Jeans: J Brand, Blazer: Theory, Shoes: Converse, Top: Topshop, Necklace: Melbourne markets, Flats: Yosi Samra, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

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